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Thank you for visiting my website, featuring my own handmade lampwork beads and my premium glass frit blends for bead making.
I'm mostly selling on Facebook these days, both in my own group and in a number of Facebook lampwork bead auction groups.
Currently, my work is available for sale at the links below. 
I invite you to become a member. If you do, you will get Facebook notifications when I post new beads, which is usually a couple of times a week. Everything there is listed with a Buy it Now price. If you would like to purchase any item/s from my group, simply comment on the post.
Also, keep up with my latest bead news and information by liking my business page.
To see what I have for sale or auction in other Facebook groups for lampwork sales, you may send a request to join, unless of course you already are a member. Search for my name in the search box and my listings will pop up.
 Every now and then I offer some of my big-hole beads at this site.
Once in a blue moon I have a small clear-out and/or de-stash at this site.
I'm phasing out my Etsy bead shop, at least for the present, but you may look through my sold items and request something similar. My Etsy frit shop will stay open for the time being. 
Lampwork beads on Etsy (sold items, you may request something similar)
Frit blends on Etsy (for bead makers)
Your best bet for my beads are Facebook and Etsy, but I do sell on eBay from time-to-time, mostly mixed lots, orphans, and samplers. You might snag a bargain there.
And you are welcome to read the random musings of a glass beadmaker on my blog.
A little information about Lampwork Beads
You may be familiar with the art of lampworking or perhaps you are curious about it. My lampwork beads are made using colorful glass cane, which is melted by a torch and wound on a mandrel. Gravity, tools, and presses create the final bead shape. 
Decorations are added using glass frit, hand pulled stringer, and murrini. Special effects are achieved by the addition of gold, silver and copper in the form of leaf, foil and wire. Special silver-laden glasses are some of my favorites to use.
Flame chemistry and cycles of heating and cooling are employed in many designs. All my beads go directly from the flame into a hot kiln.  Finally, the finished bead is annealed in a kiln and carefully cleaned and inspected before being made available to you for purchase.
I've been making beads since March, 2008 - but who's counting?! I love it as much now as I did then.



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